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1586 Temperance In The Minister's Life - David Alspaugh

1587 The Righteousness Which Is By Faith - Dale Heisey

1588 The Effects Of Contemporary Christian Music - John D. Martin

1589 The Old Mennonite Church And The Spirit Of Progress - Alan Troyer

1590 Dealing With Conflict - Paul Weaver

1591 Ministering In Dissentuous Situations - Dale Heisey

1592 The Life Of The Minister Is Part Of His Sermon - Raymond Fisher

1593 A Spirit That Destroys Brotherhood - Paul Weaver

1594 The Mennonite Great Awakening - Alan Troyer

1595 Identifying With The Household Of Faith - Dale Heisey

1596 The Purity Of The Minister Is The Power Of His Message - Raymond Fisher

1597 Mennonites In American Society - Alan Troyer

1599 The Holy Possibilities Of Grace - Glen Landes

1600 Breathe…That They May Live - Dale Heisey

1601 Absolute Surrender - Curt Wagoner

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